Bulldog Rack

Structural Cantilever Rack

Bulldog Rack’s Structural Cantilever Racks are designed for medium and heavy duty storage where resistance to abuse is a concern. The racks are manufactured with wide flange 
columns and bases with S-shape arms.

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The Structural Cantilever arms are secured with a 4-bolt connection adjustable on 4" centers. The column to base connection is bolted using 6 to 12 bolts per side depending on the column/base size. One base is used for single-sided storage and two bases are provided for double-sided. Arm and column capacities vary depending on arm length and quantity and column height.

Loading Recommendations
Correct spacing of columns is determined by the acceptable level of load deflection between the load supports.  

The most efficient loading places an equal amount of load on each arm on a level.

Bulldog’s Structural Cantilever Racks’s Bracing Pattern is based on Height of the Columns:

Your Bulldog representative will help you determine whether our Structural Cantilever Rack or Secure-Pin Cantilever Rack is best for your storage requirements. Schedule a no-obligation quote today at 1.866.285.5725.